Inspiring passion with compassion


Mariola utilizes many methods to achieve long-lasting personal and professional growth within her clients.

She partners with her clients according to Nurse Coach Philosophy and Theories, moreover being Nationally Board Certified Nurse Coach, she partners well with various health providers. HeartMath’s scientifically – validated tools integrate seamlessly her approach to stress management. Mariola's signature client-centered coaching offers wellness building blocks. Anchoring the path to unique discovery of advanced self-care is as easy as one call or click away.

Mariola provides a positive and heuristic environment to those dealing with anxiety in order to spur about a definite and positive change within an individual. She is available for consultation in the Greenville, Spartanburg, and Simpsonville area.

Her one-on-one sessions range from private office meetings to casual discussions over coffee. Her primary goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere when dealing with clients. In addition, she leads a Group Wellness Session where people of similar backgrounds and difficulties can get together and help one another in a less intimate atmosphere.

Mariola desires to facilitate a community interested in exploring creative methods of group collaboration and health education. These group wellness sessions are an attempt to do so through dynamic networking and mutual support, and she invites all of those interested in innovative healthcare and artistic expression to take part.

Anchor Coaching provides a stage for growth and progress for those coping with anxiety through promotion and responsible action by harmoniously integrating many fields of wellness and prevention into the community.

Everyone has at least one or two things affecting their quality of life. Whether it’s a life-threatening illness, extreme professional pressure, or familial patterns and behaviors, Mariola has the compassion and the professional techniques that can help guide a person to higher state of being when battling these pressures. Coaching is a partnership, and Mariola is one of the best partners to have around.